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Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Long Time Coming | Life Update

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today I actually wanted to write a blog post. I know, right?

Now I do realise that the last post I wrote on here was January, and that was a blooming' long time ago. I have basically become blog lazy...

So to start off again, and actually keep you updates on what's been going on, I thought I would write a little life update, just to keep you involved and not feel neglected altogether! 

 - So firstly, yes, I am still doing YouTube videos. And yes, I am loving it. I actually have schedule now (if you were wondering, I upload every Sunday!). If you would like to check out my YouTube channel I would massively appreciate it, making those videos is literally one of my favourite things to do and I love receiving every single comment or feedback. 

- My current living situation! I still live with my mum, and have just bought my first car (which broke on the first day)... 

Having the freedom to be able to drive wherever I want to do is extremely well-needed and liberating. I know longer need to experience the shambles that is our local bus service, and also do not need to persuade my mum to give me lifts everywhere. I actually have a life now!

As for my job, I am now full time at a place near me! I got what most people would call a "promotion" and am loving every minute of it :)

- So what have I been doing recently?

Basically, I have been getting my sh*t together! After finishing college, I struggled a lot with what I wanted to do with my life and ended up drifting from one day to the next, hoping that an opportunity would arise and it would fall into place. That definitely didn't happen and I ended up wasting my days doing absolutely nothing. So I decided that I would try and put the little pieces of my life together and focus on one piece at a time. 

Starting with my job, I finally have something to rely on and it means that I don't have to scrape every penny I have to make it through the month. I then realised that I needed something to do other that work because if I'm honest, I really don't have that great of a social life, (no pity needed). So I turned to YouTube. Now I've only just started, but giving myself the motivation of a routine means that I actually do it and am loving it so far! 

Recently I actually went away with my family for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, and had some well needed time away. We ate way too much food, drank way to much, and laughed so much I came back feeling as though I had a six-pack. 

It was truly a lovely weekend, and it is a weekend that I will truly remember forever. With my grandparents, all of their four children, a few boyfriends and girlfriends, and the 12 grandchildren we were definitely not a group to be messed with (the supermarket delivery man would also agree!). 

So after getting my car and other pieces fell into place, I realised that something else had been neglected and I realised it was this little outlet on the internet that is my blog. 

I remember I used to love writing on my blog and really missed the freedom of being able to write whatever I fancied. Also being an absolute bookworm, a blog is a 21st century version of that and I love it. So if you do have a blog, then comment it below as I would love to read it!

So where do we go from here..

I'm thinking maybe a weekly post, possibly on a Tuesday completely revolving around beauty (which as you all know I love).. maybe a "Top 5 Tuesday?" or a "Favourites Friday?". Let me know what you guys think!!

Overall, I am going to make much more of an effort to interact on here, chat to some more people and basically fall in love with my blog again. I would also love it if you joined me along for the ride. 

*Tries to think if there's anything else I was supposed to write here*

*Has worst memory ever so decides not*

As always, if you could comment down below your thoughts I would massively appreciate it, and I will leave all of my social media links at the end of this post as I would love for you to come over and have a chat!!

I love you all, and here's to the blog. *Clinks glasses*

Until next time,


x x

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