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Monday, 25 January 2016

L'oreal Infallible Fixing Mist | Review

Today I wanted to talk about the first ever mist/setting spray that I've tried. After hearing so much about them in the YouTube and blogging world, I thought I would try one out, one that is quite new in the drugstore. 

From first impressions, I thought that it was going to be quite a gimmick product, something that you thought was doing something but actually wasn't. So far, I've noticed a slight difference however not drastic. I bought this from Boots as it was on offer for £7.99 and I had been wanting to try a setting spray for ages. 

This claims to create a long lasting finish to a just-applied make-up look. As for the long lasting, it does create a slight difference, however not something that you would notice unless you were focusing on. The actual liquid itself is milky white with a residue that settles if you do not shake before use. The actual spray itself does come out extremely fine, meaning that there are no dots or splatters left on your face. It recommends to spray 2-4 times all over your face, however I think that I use slightly more as I feel some areas need more than others.

Overall, I am intrigued to try some more setting sprays from other companies as the idea of them is actually very good. I do think also that Loreal has massively improved their skin make-up range and have produced something that seems very high end as you use it. I would however have liked to see a slight more power and for my make-up to last a slight bit longer (however for a drugstore setting spray, it actually did very well). 

I would probably give this product a 6.5 out of 10, if you've tried this please comment below what you think! Also if you've tried any other setting sprays that you think I might like, comment that also! :-)

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