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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Things you need to know if you're a waitress at Christmas time | Life

As you probably know (unless you literally live under a rock), a few days ago it was the best day of the year. Christmas Day. Now many of people have a family meal together on Christmas day all together at home, cooked by family members. 
However many people also go out for Christmas dinner, and these are the people that make being a waitress/waiter around the festive period one of the worst things to be.

No. 1 -  Despite you not realising it, a surprising amount of people actually go out for dinner on Christmas Day, making where you work one of the busiest days of the year and with that, the most stressful.

No. 2 - Children are absolutely everywhere. Literally everywhere. Under the tables, running around, meaning that walking around is a task within itself. (Also, Christmas Day is the one day a year it seems that parents allow the child anything they want, including 51 J20's that they won't even touch.)

No. 3 - Christmas crackers will be your absolute death. Paper hats, tiny moustaches and mediocre jokes will mean that cleaning up after people have gone will take, on average, ten times longer than it would normally. 

No. 4 - The next point is actually waiting around for people to arrive. I know, they will be opening presents and feel festive at home, however you're actually here to give them their meal and then go home to see your family. Therefore, them being late is still extremely rude. 

No. 5 - The chefs are e x t r e m e l y moody. (Even more than usual). Im not sure whether they think its our fault that the woman on table 6 didn't want her gravy touching her potatoes, but its not.

No. 6 - People forgetting what they pre-ordered. Now where I work, Christmas food doesn't start on the 25th December it starts on the 1st meaning that we pretty much have a whole month of people forgetting what they ordered. If it was me, I would be the first person with their hand up for what I ordered because usually I'm so excited for food, however every old lady seems to forget what they've ordered, meaning that you end up with about 6 unclaimed meals due to ladies wanting what the person sat next to them has got. 

No. 7 - Despite the room being full of other families eating their dinner, there's always that one table that seems to think you are not rushed off your feet and will get them anything they want as soon as they ordered it. These are also the people that won't tip and ask for more gravy again and again and again. These are the people you don't look forward to at Christmas time. 

No. 8 - The whole of Christmas Day d r a g s. No matter how busy you feel, it never goes as quick as you'd like. And reheated turkey dinner is never as good reheated after work. 

No. 9 - Having to wear Santa Hats seems a great idea when you first arrive, however you soon realised it was a bad mistake when you're head feels as though its boiling and your hair is a greasy mess. 

No. 10 - Despite the previous nine being negative, and all of the customers, the people who you work with are usually in a great mood. And, I never let working on Christmas Day ruin it for me.

I hope you have had an amazing Christmas and got everything you asked for. I would like to thank all of my friends and family for some amazing gifts, and am extremely excited for 2016.

Thank you so much for reading!
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