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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The 5 Best Things about Autumn | arjx

Hello :)
Today, as I am sat in front of my cosy fire after a very long day at work, thinking about what to write blog post on, I realised I am just going to ramble about why I love this time of time so much. So I've narrowed it down to five (there are way to many things to include in just one post), and no Christmas is not one of them. Despite me being obsessed with Christmas slightly too much, Autumn is Autumn and I try not to overshadow it with tinsel and bringing trees inside just yet. 

No. 1 // Halloween

As a massive lover of holidays, and all of the different things they celebrate and bring with them, Halloween has always been one of my favourites. Firstly I love the lights, the mysteriousness of it with the glowing faces of pumpkins in windows, and the children's laughter in the streets as they run from house to house. It's not necessarily the dressing up that excites me, just sitting at home feeling cosy with people knocking at my door asking for treats, seeing people become so involved with the time and the effort that people go to. That is what I love about Halloween. 

No. 2 // Make-Up

To start with, can I just say how absolutely gorgeous Cara Delevingne looks here. This is by far my favourite picture of her here, she is definitely my woman crush for basically the rest of my life. (Cannot even deal). But aside from that, this look here is another reason why I love this time of year. In the summer time, that's when you can use all of the brightly coloured lipsticks that you may own, including that insanely bright pink you thought you'd be able to make work. However in the winter, I love the berry shades and the way that make-up tends to dark and people become slightly more adventurous. I especially love the lips here, but even the dramatic lashes here look super vampy but also wearable and I would definitely love to try and achieve this. I know, you could wear this in the summer time too but, I'm sure you'll agree, this look is so beautiful. And I think that around the time when you pull your hats and scarves out from the backs of your wardrobes, this is the kind of make-up that I will definitely be wearing. 

No. 3 // Cosy Nights In

As I am one of those people that is a l w a y s cold, you would probably expect me to hate the autumn/winter although that is not the case. In summer, I feel there is an expectation where you can't wear a coat (well, I am in England so maybe not), without being glared at because it is higher than 10 degrees. I would much rather prefer snuggling up in front of a fire, watching some classic TV, with a perfect cup of tea in my hand. I feel that with the weather being colder everybody becomes closer together staying in, and spending more quality time. I know that I read more in the winter, I love being cosied up in my pyjamas, knowing that it is raining outside but I am super cosy inside. I know I am not the only one that experiences this, and will be super happy knowing that I don't have to worry about getting a tan or a "bikini body". (Nobody shaves their legs in winter, right?)

No. 4 // Fashion

I couldn't make this list without including one of the massively obvious choices, the fashion. The colours that are worn during autumn are my absolute favourites. With my favourite colour being orange I find that making it work other times of the year can be very tricky however in Autumn it just makes it 100% easier. Throwing a thick chunky scarf over a very simple outfit can simply make it look fashionable and though you've actually made effort with your outfit. Also the hat situation is a massive bonus for me. Doing my hair is one of my least favourite things and chucking a hat over your 'I probably should have washed it' hair makes it look bearable. And of course, because I am always feeling cold, its all about the layering and at this time of year it is all the rage. 

No. 5 // Colour 

I know this has been mentioned in all of my other four things, but I couldn't miss this out. I just blooming love the colours in Autumn. When the trees lose their leaves, when you can hear them crunch on a crisp morning, even when you can't see the grass in your garden because there is so many leaves. To me, its like the tree is using all of its energy before it goes to sleep, like one big rush of energy forced out before it stores it all up for next spring. Either way, I think it's beautiful. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my top five things in Autumn and I would really love to hear yours so please comment them below. 

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