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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Best Eyebrow Duo | Review

Hello Everyone :)

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite eyebrow products at the moment, with me literally using them every single day. Plus they are both drugstore! :)

The first stage in my eyebrow routine is to use a matte brown eyeshadow. This one here is from MUA which you can find in Superdrug and is £1 (an absolute bargain!). This eyeshadow is amazing, and I feel very underrated as I've never heard anyone talk about these before. It is super pigmented and gives a really nice natural finish, without being too warm-toned which I often find in matte brown shades. This eyeshadow is also amazing on the actual eyelids too, however I just use it for my brows as I think it is amazing, especially for the price. 


The brush I use for my eyebrows is actually from Topshop, again, a brand that I never really hear about when it comes to make-up brushes. This brush was £4 which is very affordable and is super easy to use. I find that it doesn't pick up too much product onto your brush which is very common, and applies just the right amount. It is also super easy to clean and makes doing your eyebrows SO much easier!

The final product in my "duo" is the Loreal Brow Artist Plumber in the shade Medium/Dark. I bought this from Boots for £5.99 and am so glad that I did! I bought this to see what all of the hype was about as I had heard that these kind of products were very good however I couldn't really se how they would work without making your eyebrows looking clumpy and going on your skin underneath. However I was very pleasatly surprised! It has a tiny, tiny brush which doesn't hold too much
product, meaning that it only goes on the hairs effectively making them thicker and making them slightly darker. I usually use two coats as I feel that this gives the best results either ron it's own or with the MUA eyeshadow underneath. I just feel that it gives your eyebrows something extra and can make them seem so much more natural. My eyebrows are quite sparse towards the edges and I often feel that just eyeshadow can seem very "drawn on". This definitely makes them seem as though you have the Card Delevigne brows on point without any effort!!

I hope you enjoyed these little reviews, and please leave any other brow products you love in a comment below!

Until next time, 


x x

Friday, 23 October 2015

Is there such a thing as wasting time? | Thoughts of the Day

I feel as though this could be a very ramble blog post, and nothing like my normal writings, so I apologise in advance. I like to write down everything that is in my head, I find it very theraputic and I'm sure if you have a blog yourself you will completely agree. Most of the time I love talking about beauty because it is something that I am ridiculously passionate about and I could ramble on about all day. Although sometimes there's life stuff that simply overflows through my fingertips and makes its way here, and to be honest, I feel as though sharing these things is healthy. (Probably not but oh well.)

Recently I've been working a lot, and only having the odd day off in week means that spending your time wisely becomes much more of a bigger issue than when you had every single Saturday and Sunday off at school. At school it wasn't a big deal if you stayed in bed till 1pm (which I did both days) because to me it felt like school would never end and that I could do this every weekend and never feel guilty about it, and frankly I just loved sleep. But now I've got older, and every single day is my decision on how I spend it, I feel that there is a pressure to do something productive.

Most of the time on my days off all I actually want to do is stay in and just chill. Being at work all the time means that it is go, go, go 24/7 and its blooming tiring. And I know people have it a lot worse than me, but still, there's only so much one tiny 18 year old can take.
To me I don't see anything wrong with lounging in bed, watching films and eating your whole body weight in food. I also don't see anything wrong with getting fresh air and just walking around near where you live. I love having the choice of what I want to do with my days, but along with that comes the social pressure of people asking "So what have you been up to?" and you literally realising you have nothing interesting whatsoever to tell them.

In my family I have always been the laziest I am not even going to lie. My sister, a massive netball fanatic, in all the sports teams at school, head girl, a "go-getter", as I call her, is basically the opposite of me. I'm the person who was known as school as "her sister" and the one that the teachers always had high expectations for but were never quite happy with what I achieved. My mum, the daily runner, insomniac nurse with four children a dog a cat a husband and three fish. She's the mum that makes day updates on Facebook about what she's doing with comments after comments saying "I don't know how you manage to fit it all in!"
I'm the one who just loves photography, is obsessed with make-up and YouTube, and really just has no idea what she wants to do with her life a t  a l l. 

So working sometimes 9 days without a day off means that spending my time how I like to enjoy it becomes a massive deal for me. People may nag at me (*cough, cough* m o t h e r), but I am staying strong and insisting to spend my life as I please. Even though I will admit that it is not as productive as it should be. People do housework, do other jobs, and spend time with their friends and I just like cosying up with Tom watching stupid documentaries about land-slides. (Legit did that yesterday).

I'm not sure what message I'm trying to get across hear, I just want people to know that they can send their time however they want to. Without people telling them how to live their lives, and trying to change them into something that they're not. I have always felt like the shadow in the family that doesn't quite work the same as the others, but now I've realised that I simply do not care.

So I will leave you with a quote that I try and live by more and more each day. I hope this blog post was not absolute rubbish to read and you can relate even slightly. Please leave your thoughts below and I will see you again very soon!

Until Next Time,

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Top 5 Tips On How To Get Clear Skin | Advice

Hello everybody :)

Today I wanted to talk about something that a lot of people struggle with, and something that can affect someone's confidence hugely. For me, honestly I haven't really struggled with this too much, however I do have a few tips that if I don't do these, my skin does get worse. I'm sure you will have heard some of these before but they honestly do work :)

No. 1 - W A T E R

I know this is probably known anyway, but it honestly works. Not only does water improve your skin, it also improves pretty much everything else too other that be your hair, body, and even how well you feel within yourself. 
I do know how difficult it is to drink water most of the time because, to be honest, it can be very boring. However I usually try and space it out throughout the day so that it doesn't seem too much in one go. I would recommend getting a large bottle of water (one of those huuuuge ones) and carrying that round with you throughout the day as once you have finished the whole bottle you know that you have drank enough and it makes it easier to know how much you have actually had. 

No. 2 - N I G H T - T I M E  R O U T I N E 

This one is the one I struggle with the most as usually when the time comes to get into bed, all I want to do is collapse and fall asleep straight away. Don't do that! Make sure that you have washed your face and got all of the make-up/dirt off your face that has built up throughout the day. Even if you don't wear make-up, the amount of dirt and grossness that will be on your face without you even realising is crazy so make sure you wash it off :) I would recommend the simple face wash as it is completely inexpensive and does an amazing job even for sensitive skin! (Review here: http://arjx.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/simple-kind-to-skin-smoothing-facial.html)

No. 3 - D I E T 

I know the you'll be probably dreading this one as this is one of the most difficult. I am definitely not an advocate for eating healthily as I can hardly go a day without eating some form of junk however I am definitely trying to improve this recently! And I'm not telling you to eat purely fruit and veg and never have a cheeky pizza, although trying to make a slightly healthier choice with things (such as 1 sugar in your tea instead of 3, oops). 
I think that you can get an idea of what I'm talking about yourselves, its all about the dedication and you CAN do it!

No. 4 - M O I S T U R I S E 

I feel like there is a lot of stigma around moisturising, as if it something that gives you more spots instead of taking them away. One of the main myths around moisturising is that people who have oily skin shouldn't moisturise as it gives them more oil and will therefore give them more spots which is definitely not true at all. Yes, using a heavy oily moisturiser will probably not be the best for you, but choosing one that is light and just evens out your skin nicely will help a huge amount. Spots often need some looking after once they appear so make sure you help them out and then they can leave! :)

No. 5 - G R E E N  T E A 

I know it's not the nicest tasting drink in the world, although it does make a massive difference, even if it is only one cup a day. Also I have heard now that they have different flavours of green tea, including mango and lychee which can I just say, actually tastes very very nice. 
The amount of goodness there is in green tea is huge, and it is really easy to do swell, making a huge difference if you just try it. It is sold in most supermarkets, and is not expensive to buy at all. Even just switching your morning coffee with this can change your skin dramatically in the space of a few weeks. Try it and I'm sure you will understand what I mean. 

So they were all of my five top tips, I hope you all enjoyed them! Please leave any other tips you have for other people as I'm sure they will appreciate them and have a lovely day!

Until next time, 


x x 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The 5 Best Things about Autumn | arjx

Hello :)
Today, as I am sat in front of my cosy fire after a very long day at work, thinking about what to write blog post on, I realised I am just going to ramble about why I love this time of time so much. So I've narrowed it down to five (there are way to many things to include in just one post), and no Christmas is not one of them. Despite me being obsessed with Christmas slightly too much, Autumn is Autumn and I try not to overshadow it with tinsel and bringing trees inside just yet. 

No. 1 // Halloween

As a massive lover of holidays, and all of the different things they celebrate and bring with them, Halloween has always been one of my favourites. Firstly I love the lights, the mysteriousness of it with the glowing faces of pumpkins in windows, and the children's laughter in the streets as they run from house to house. It's not necessarily the dressing up that excites me, just sitting at home feeling cosy with people knocking at my door asking for treats, seeing people become so involved with the time and the effort that people go to. That is what I love about Halloween. 

No. 2 // Make-Up

To start with, can I just say how absolutely gorgeous Cara Delevingne looks here. This is by far my favourite picture of her here, she is definitely my woman crush for basically the rest of my life. (Cannot even deal). But aside from that, this look here is another reason why I love this time of year. In the summer time, that's when you can use all of the brightly coloured lipsticks that you may own, including that insanely bright pink you thought you'd be able to make work. However in the winter, I love the berry shades and the way that make-up tends to dark and people become slightly more adventurous. I especially love the lips here, but even the dramatic lashes here look super vampy but also wearable and I would definitely love to try and achieve this. I know, you could wear this in the summer time too but, I'm sure you'll agree, this look is so beautiful. And I think that around the time when you pull your hats and scarves out from the backs of your wardrobes, this is the kind of make-up that I will definitely be wearing. 

No. 3 // Cosy Nights In

As I am one of those people that is a l w a y s cold, you would probably expect me to hate the autumn/winter although that is not the case. In summer, I feel there is an expectation where you can't wear a coat (well, I am in England so maybe not), without being glared at because it is higher than 10 degrees. I would much rather prefer snuggling up in front of a fire, watching some classic TV, with a perfect cup of tea in my hand. I feel that with the weather being colder everybody becomes closer together staying in, and spending more quality time. I know that I read more in the winter, I love being cosied up in my pyjamas, knowing that it is raining outside but I am super cosy inside. I know I am not the only one that experiences this, and will be super happy knowing that I don't have to worry about getting a tan or a "bikini body". (Nobody shaves their legs in winter, right?)

No. 4 // Fashion

I couldn't make this list without including one of the massively obvious choices, the fashion. The colours that are worn during autumn are my absolute favourites. With my favourite colour being orange I find that making it work other times of the year can be very tricky however in Autumn it just makes it 100% easier. Throwing a thick chunky scarf over a very simple outfit can simply make it look fashionable and though you've actually made effort with your outfit. Also the hat situation is a massive bonus for me. Doing my hair is one of my least favourite things and chucking a hat over your 'I probably should have washed it' hair makes it look bearable. And of course, because I am always feeling cold, its all about the layering and at this time of year it is all the rage. 

No. 5 // Colour 

I know this has been mentioned in all of my other four things, but I couldn't miss this out. I just blooming love the colours in Autumn. When the trees lose their leaves, when you can hear them crunch on a crisp morning, even when you can't see the grass in your garden because there is so many leaves. To me, its like the tree is using all of its energy before it goes to sleep, like one big rush of energy forced out before it stores it all up for next spring. Either way, I think it's beautiful. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my top five things in Autumn and I would really love to hear yours so please comment them below. 

Until next time, 


x x