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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

// A Few Skincare Bits //

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much recently, I've felt very unmotivated to do much at all really which I'm not going to go into the reasons of, but hey I'm back now! Also, slight update, Tom (My Boyfriend) and I, have finally started our YouTube channel! We would love for you to check out our videos, it is a mixture between blogs and 'sit-down' videos, so please go over there and have a look! 


But anyway, onto the blog post!

Recently I've been realising that I have not been looking after my skin at all, especially my body leading to very dry skin and feeling very self conscious about getting much skin out at all. Suffering with very bad circulation on my legs, this means that often I can have quite red legs anyway, and I feel very scared of getting them out in any situation. However my actual skin, and how dry they are because I pretty much abandon them, I can change so I decided to go out and find products that would inspire me to look after my skin more :) 

No. 1

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream:

Going into Boots, I noticed that soap and Glory had a 3 for 2 offer on.. which always grabs me!! But my absolute favourite scent of theres is by far the Sugar Crush scent. I got the scrub for one of my birthdays a few years ago, and have been meaning to by more of the range for so long but seem to forget every single time I've been in. The actual scent is extremely fresh and citrusy (hence the lime), however I find that often scents that have lime in almost smell like cleaning products, which this definitely doesn't! As it has Shea and Coconut Balm in, this means that it also has quite a sweet smell to it, without being too overpowering. Also, as it has these oils in, it means that it is going to really moisturise my skin, which is what I need!

No. 2

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Lightly Whipped Body Cream:

The second product in my three for two was also a moisturiser, however this was a different scent, almost the exact opposite. To me, this smells like something you would like to use just before you go to bed, as it is very relaxing, whereas the previous Sugar Crush would be amazing in the morning. It includes 5 oils which will be super beneficial for the skin and make my legs so much better. It has Pistachio, Almond and Sweet Vanilla which makes it smell quite nutty and sweet, in a good way!! Either way, I am super excited to try both of these buttercreams, and after all of the raving reviews I have heard about them, I'm sure they will be amazing. 

No. 3

Soap and Glory - The Scrub Of Your Life:

The final product in my 3 for 2, is this body scrub which is definitely needed to get rid of any dead skin that I may have. This also has a completely different smell to the other two products, what I would class as the 'classic soap and glory smell' and has quite large grains in it, which is good as I hate the scrubs where you don't feel exfoliated after. I opted for the scrub in the bottle form, rather than one of the matching ones like the Sugar Crush one, as this claims to do everything that I want rather than just for the smell which lets be honest, a lot of the Soap and Glory products draw you in with. 

No. 4

Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water :

I only got one product for my face today, as I recently bought my other moisturisers and things, and felt that this would make my blog post too long! Even so, I have bought this miceller water before, and thought it was amazing and for such an amazing price too. Despite having quite sensitive skin, this does not aggravate it all, and removes all of my make up with ease, even waterproof mascara. It also comes in a MASSIVE bottle, so will last you for ages.

No. 5 

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion: 

Finally in my haul, I think I went slightly overboard on the moisturisers. I bought this as it claims to 'instantly absorb' which is exactly what I want. I know that some nights I'm not going to want to use something that takes a few minutes to sink in I will want to crawl into bed an just crash, and I feel as though the Soap and Glory ones won't do that. This also had lots of different skin types to choose from which helps a lot :) I will let you know how I get on with this!

So that is all of the products I am going to tell you about today, I hope you have enjoyed them!

Please let me know if you would like a review on any of these products, and leave a comment down below of any skincare products you think I should try!

Until next time, 


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P.S.. Thinking of starting my own YouTube channel for other videos like beauty related? Let me know what you think!