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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

// Living in the Moment //

Hello everybody!

I wanted to write about something that has really been playing on my mind recently, and have been thinking about for quite a while however the past few days have really pushed myself to write it here. Over the past few days, weeks and months, I feel as though I have spent a lot of time constantly focusing on the future, and thinking way to far ahead than I need to. I know, looking forward to something is completely normal, and gives you something to work towards, like a holiday can help you through work or the weekend can get you through school. But I feel like doing this too much, and never living for now and this moment, can almost make the rest of the days unrecognisable, and become unimportant. 

After finishing my A Levels recently after two years, finally it seems as though I can do what ever I want with my days, and finally decide what I want to do for me without having to worry about the next assignment that is due, or the homework that I have missed. I think that I have spent the whole two years of my life thinking more about the work, and college, that I never even thought about what else was happening, the people that were drifting away, and I ended up leading a very sad life for that amount of time. 

Waking up in the morning, and wishing I could just fast forward until I could get back into bed again is a very sad way to live and I hate the thought of people living their lives for this, wishing their lives away when you could be living. Living your life the way that you want to live it. 

I don't exactly have plan for the point I want to make in this blog post, I mostly want to here about what you think and the way that you think people live. I understand, people will always look forward to things, and that is good in the right measure. But living your life wishing you could be at some point in the future? 

For the past two years I have spent more time wishing I was at the age I am now, and at the point where I never have to worry about college anymore, that I feel that I haven't lived for the past two years, I have just wished them away. 

Very recently, someone very close to me and my family became ill overnight and my boyfriend and I were the one who found them and had to call an ambulance. Before this, I had been worrying about going to work, if I had enough time to eat and get changed into my uniform, if I'd packed everything I needed for staying at my boyfriend's house. Living like this, and not appreciating the people around you whilst you have them is a way that I feel a lot of people live nowadays, no longer talking to people, just having a goal for the future and focusing on that rather than living for the moment that you are in this very second. 

Thankfully, they are okay, and are recovering in hospital, however this shocked me, and made it so clear and obvious as to how I was living. I don't exactly know what I wanted to say here, and I don't know if this has actually explained what my thoughts are in my head, I feel as though I have just word vomited onto the screen. I guess what I mean is that, anything can happen at any moment, and that moment when you realise how much time you have wasted so far, is the moment you realise that you have lost some time that you should have cherished and you cannot go back. You're only the age you are now once, right?

What I'm trying to say is; live for now and the people you have around you as they honestly might not be there forever. Get out of bed in the morning with no expectations, as the day might not go as you expected. Look around you and think, what do I want to do now, and just do that.

Do more of what makes you happy. 

Until next time, 


x x

// Mini Make-Up Haul //


Today I wanted to share with you a few of the things that I have bought recently, all from the high street (drugstore). There aren't too many things to show you, and I have to admit that there is a theme of lips throughout this haul, however I am really happy with what I bought, so I thought I would share :)

No. 1

Loreal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream:


Being sucked into the 3 for 2 deals, Loreal had a deal so I decided to firstly try this. I bought the shade "Light to Medium Skin", and have so far only tried it once, so couldn't possibly give my true opinion yet. I can however say, from first impression, that the texture is very strange. It has the feel of a primer, however feels like tiny little balls of primer, rather than a gel formula (often leading in lumps coming out at once?). This is sold separately for £9.99, however make sure you check for a 3 for 2, as they often have them in Boots or Superdrug :)

No. 2

Johnson's Face Care Extra-Sensitive Face Wipes:


I decided to pick some more of my favourite face wipes, as I was running low and it would be horrendous if I ran out. I absolutely love these face wipes (full review coming soon),  as I have very unpredictable, sensitive skin and don't cause me any irritation at all. They are completely 100% fragrance and alcohol free, which is possibly why they agree with my skin so much. I do cleanse my face most nights to clean my face completely, however these remove most of the excess, and by far the best on the market.

No. 3

Loreal Infallible 24H Foundation:


In the search for a new foundation, and of course part of the 3 for 2, I chose this loreal 24H foundation, hoping for the best. I opted for this rather than the matte as i feel the slightly dewy look suits my skin much better, and matte foundations can often make my skin look very dry. The only downside to this so far is the lack of colour choices, I chose the shade "Natural Rose" as I thought that would be the best, and looks good however quite yellow toned. This on its own is £9.99 which I think is pretty reasonable.

No. 4

Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner:


For such a long time now, I have desperately needed a new liquid eyeliner and after hearing so many raving reviews about this, I decided to finally pick this up. The tip is extremely thin, meaning winged eyeliner will be easy, and from what I have seen so far it looks very pigmented and easy to use. By itself it is sold for £6.99 which I think is great for the quality you are getting for this. I also love how it has extra grip around the top, meaning that achieving even "on point" eyeliner is so much easier!

No. 5

Soap and Glory Kiss Ass Blur and Brighten Crayon:


Not planned at all.. there was another 3 for 2.
*Hangs head in shame*
This time for Soap and Glory, which I actually haven't tried many of their products before. I picked up this blur and brighten crayon, as I thought that it would be good for covering up my dark under-eye circles, as it looked quite peach toned which combats the blue/purple colour. I picked up the colour "Light" as I wanted it as brightening as possible, I just hope that it is pigmented enough. (Hopefully!)

No. 6

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in "Nudist":


 The second thing in the Soap and Glory 3 for 2 is this gloss stick, which I heard about from the lovely Gabby (Velvetgh0st). So far it smells and tastes lovely, like birthday cake, and am extremely excited to use this, which I can see myself doing ALOT.

No. 7

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in "Naked Beige":


Finally in this 3 for 2, I picked up this lipstick as I heard that it was the perfect Velvet Teddy dupe and truly it did look like it. I haven't tried this lipstick yet however it looks lovely and has a satin finish. The colour is quite pink toned, however still would be classed as nude I think. I do also have to say with this product, that the quality of the packaging and the look of this lipstick, is so lovely and not what you would expect from a high end company. I am definitely going to have to check out more colours of these as just from the swatch, this lipstick looks really lovely, and very professional. Only £9!

No. 8

Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in " VIP 228":


Getting tempted by lipsticks as I always do, I picked up this matte lipstick as I felt that I was completely missing a coral/red from my collection. The texture of this lipstick is lovely, glides on very smoothly and the colour is the perfect shade for summer. Also for only £6.99, very affordable for everybody.

So I hoped you liked seeing what I bought recently, I know it is not very much however I always find it interesting seeing what other people have bought so maybe there are other people like me too! Let me know if there are any reviews of these products you would like to see in more detail and I will definitely do them :)

Thank you very much for reading!

Until next time, 

x x