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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

// Life Update //

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Hello everybody, possibly don't remember be its been that long since I've last written a blog post, but I AM BACK!!

So many things have happened recently, I haven't even been able to keep up with them myself, but hopefully I can write them all down and explain to you exactly what has been going on.

First of all, I have NEARLY finished college, (inhales sharply), and literally have on last exam left to do. To be honest, college has been possibly the worst two years of my life, and to say that I am nearly finished actually makes me feel incredibly happy. There are many different reasons why i hated college so much, and it wasn't just because of the huge workload that they give you, or the hour and a half bus journey that I had to do twice a day just to get there. I'm not going to go into the full details of why I didn't enjoy it so much, maybe in the future, but lets just say I was an extremely unhappy person whilst I was there. I do however feel slightly weird now I don't have college to worry about, and the people I did meet there, and the friends I made, were all so lovely and I am going to miss them incredible amounts. 

This is my photography class on the last day of college, yes there was only 9 of us, but we all were so close and am actually very sad to have to say goodbye to them all. 

So after having such a horrible time at college over the past two years, when it came to the time when i had to start thinking about uni, it completely terrified me, and i thought it was the worst idea for me in the world. So I decided to take a gap year, and spend it saving up some money, going travelling and seeing the world. At the moment my plan is to go for about five months, and go all around the world, with just me and my boyfriend Tom. At the moment I am actually petrified, I have never been on holiday without my parents before, and it actually means I have to look after myself which so far in life, I haven't been very good at. Throughout the gap year though, Tom and I have decided to vlog. Youtube has always interested me, and when I discussed it with Tom, I found that it interested him also. So, starting from July 1st 2015, we are going to attempt, (attempt being the key word), to daily vlog, meaning that we can look back and watch what we did everyday throughout our gap year.

This also leads me onto the fact that I have a new job!! After college I am not working in a country club and hotel, saving money for travelling. I have now worked there for only about three months, however I really enjoy it and this means that I won't dread going to work anymore.

Basically, at this moment, I feel nervous. I have no idea what I am doing with my life, and the future seems very uncertain to me. However I do love writing on my blog, and would love to hear some feedback and hear about what you are doing at the moment, whether you are in school or not.

This seems like a very long, boring blog post, and I really hope I haven't bored you to death (you probably haven't even got this far). I am actually trying to make a schedule for blog posts, so that I always have something to post for you guys, and now I have finished I will have so much more time when it comes to doing this.

I have actually attempted to do YouTube before, but got too scared and took the videos down. I completely regret this but feel very nervous as I don't want to embarrass myself, please write your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for reading, please comment down below your blogs, as I'm on the hunt for some new ones to be addicted to!

Lots of love, 


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