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Monday, 16 March 2015

// OOTD - Pepsi Tee and Comfy Pumps //

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Hey everyone! I've decided to attempt to write a blog post on what I've been wearing every single day. I KNOW, it's a big commitment. I will warm you now, some days I think I'm some sort of fashion entrepreneur and other days, comfort is maximum priority, but I am hoping that you will enjoy them all the same :)

So today I was just in college for two lessons, so wapping the nice outfits out seem a little pointless. So i tried to keep it simple with the classic t-shirt and jeans, I mean, you can't really go wrong can you? 

I think that this outfit is really casual but also seems like it has a little vintage in it due to the Pepsi-Cola, rustic Tee. This top is actually from Primark and was £6 if any of you were wondering and is SO comfy. Also I have had this for quite a while and, obviously, have washed it many times and it has barely faded or worn out at all so Primark, well done. *Applauds Primark*

The jeans I am wearing are actually from TK Maxx and are the best jeans I have ever bought! I have had them for about a year now and seriously worn them soooo much it's actually unbelievable. They were around £20 and are made from unusual material, not the usual denim you would usually think of. But either way they are amazing, and perfect for a day like today.

The pumps are also from Primark(woah, Primark theme alert), and were £8 and I believe they are still in the shop so if you fancy them then I would go now! They are a serious love of mine, they bring a really casual yet fashionable feel to the outfit and I love the thickness of the white around the sole. At first, they did give me blisters, however every pair of shoes does, but after they have gone they are the best shoes in the world and I would recommend them to anybody. 

Basically, I think that this outfit is really casual and cute, and definitely one for wear you still look presentable, but comfort is top of the list for you. 

Really enjoying doing these blog posts for you guys, let me know if you would like to see any "How I wear...." posts as I would love to do them. Any feedback at all would be great!

Thank you for reading and I will see you all again very soon!

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Monday, 9 March 2015

// Why do people take selfies? //

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Hey everyone!! Today I wanted to discuss something that I'm sure 99.99% of you will have taken, or experienced in their lifetime.. the selfie.  I know this doesn't really fit into the beauty side of my blog, but they are so popular that I would really like to speak about them here.

First things first, I am in no way making a joke out of the people who take selfies, I mean, I take them ALL THE TIME. So, as I was taking a snap of my makeup for my blog, I was thinking, why do we taken them, and what makes these interesting for people, myself included. 

This is a selfie I took of myself recently and, if I'm honest, I quite like it. The thing with these pictures of ourselves that we take, is that you can literally do whatever you like, and it's completely your decision. Every single girl I'm sure, has about 50 pictures at one point on their camera roll, that they are never going to use, because another one made the cut. That one picture that you took stood out from all the rest, and made it to your social media. 

Now, in maybe a few weeks time, I'll hate this picture, and wonder why I ever put it online (hopefully I'm not the only person that does this).. but at this moment I quite like it.

Personally I think the reason that we take selfies is for our own self confidence. Now, if I'm honest, I do not feel confident in any way about myself, and I know that's terrible but thats how it is. However if you looked on my instagram (@Alexandrarjones if you were wondering ;) ), you would probably be thinking the complete opposite of me. Right from the first post, it was a selfie, and I don't even know why I posted it myself but it's there and I refuse to take it down. Looking back now at the attrocious pictures I uploaded, I wonder why I ever did it, but at the time thats what I wanted to do. 

There are so many different poses that are possible within these pictures, and they can all make your picture have a completely different meaning than other times.. like the smile, the tongue, or the famous pout. All of them say a different message to the people that can see them, but they are just a picture of yourself at the end of the day. Personally I think the feeling of people liking your pictures makes you feel happy, in a subconscious way, as if you have made yourself look like a completely different person. To be honest, I love looking at other people's selfies, and giving them likes. Nobody can say truthfully, that they upload these for no reason, and don't aim for any likes at all. Now this may make me sound shallow, but that's how I think it is! 
This blog post probably sounds like a rant, but I promise it's not, I just want to let people know that selfies are not attention seeking, and if people want to post them they can. I would love to hear your views on this!!

Thankyou very much for reading, will be back soon!

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