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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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Hey Everyone!

Now i know, I am probably the latest person ever to jump on the bandwagon of this but, "better late than never", right?
I wanted to discuss my favourite beauty products of 2014 with you, as I think that everyone's opinions are different, and I have discovered so many new and exciting products throughout this year. Finally having my own money to spend, meant that I could decide for myself what I wanted to try, and also I feel as though my passion for make-up and beauty was 'unleashed' this year, ha ha!

I am going to keep this blog post directed at only make-up, otherwise it may aswell be called a novel, however if you would like me to do another on skincare and hair, then definitely let me know!

1 // I am going to structure this in the order that I do my make-up (so I don't forget anything!), so hopefully this will help this look more tidy. Therefore, firstly I am going to talk about primers, which have been overpowered by one brand this year, and a well-known one at that. Of course, Benefit! 

I have loved two of the Benefit primers this year, both for different reasons. Firstly is the "that gal" brightening face primer, which I love for the effect it has on my skin. I usually apply this all over my face, as it creates a luminous effect under foundations, just making me look healthy, with a lovely glow. Then of course, there is the FAMOUS Porefessional. I use this only around my nose and in the middle of my cheeks, as I think I have visible pores there, and this helps to eliminate those, and give you the perfect base for the other products that you are going to put on your face.

2 // Second is going to be foundations, and has, again, been overpowered by one brand. Now, being a true high street shop girl, I never have changed from the cheaper alternatives for foundations, as I think they all do an amazing job for the money you pay. Therefore, all of my favourite foundations this year have been from Rimmel.

All three of these foundations have been used all year round for me, and I know are a popular choice by alot of people also. Firstly there is the Lasting Finish foundation, which definitely has the hgihest coverage out of them all. Without feeling heavy on the skin, the is the one i choose when I need to hide blemishes the most, but still doesn't feel as though I am caking my face in make-up. The second is the Wake Me Up foundation, which has an anti-fatigue effect, meaning it will brighten up your face and make you look more awake. I absolutely 
loved this in the summer, however in winter can make you look like Edward Cullen in the sunlight. And finally there is the Match Perfection foundation, probably the one with the lightest coverage. This is lovely for the days when you don't need much coverage at all, and just want to even out your skin tone slightly. Either way, I love all of these foundations equally, for all different reasons, and all with an SPF of at least 15, you're set to go at any time of year. 

3 // Next up is concealer, and I'm sure these are not rare decisions for this category.

These two work perfectly together for both, under the eyes, and covering blemishes or spots. The first is Mac Pro Longwear concealer, which I use as almost a highlighter, applying it under my eyes, down my nose, and along my jaw, to create a really contoured effect, which I absolutely LOVE. This is very high coverage, so I do not wear this on an everyday basis, however love it for when I am going out and want to look just that little bit more special. The second concealer is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. This is more of my everyday concealer, and is really brightening underneath your eyes, which is amazing. I do not use this on spots, as it could draw attention to them, but is amazing either way. I was going to include the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, however it is quite drying, and is ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK!

4 // Now these are part of the ongoing battle that I have. Eyebrows. My eyebrows and I have never got on. I can never draw them on right, either ending up with what looks like slugs resting on my forehead, or that I am extremely surprised in one eyebrow.

Despite all of that, these two products are still amazing. I started using a powder for my eyebrows, as I heard it was the easiest, which appealed to me the most. The first is the Real Techniques Eyeliner brush, which came in the Nic's Picks set of brushes, and I love it for both eyeliner, and for doing my eyebrows. It is your standard angled brush, but is an essential in your brush collection. The shadow that I have been using is the MUA Matte Eyeshadow in the colour Chestnut, and was £1!! Amazing price, and lasts all day so would recommend this to anybody. Despite loving these products, I would seriously love your advice on eyebrows, so please help!

5 // Bronzer is possibly my favourite part of make-up. I love the effect that it gives, and the way that it seems as though you can change the shape of your face?? (I constantly get compared to the grey moon emoji.. Great)

These two bronzers are my staples, and I take them everywhere with me. The first is the Bourjois "Chocolate" Bronzer (Poudre Bronzante), and is matte, meaning that it is perfect for contouring and bringing out your cheekbones. The second is the Natural Collection Bronzer in the shade Golden Glow. This has a slight shimmer to it, which means that I use it for a general glow all over my face, ij the places where the sun would naturlly hit my face. It creates a lovely natural looking tan, and is really good value, so wuld definitely recommend. 

6 // This is possibly my favourite product I have found all year, and has literally CHANGED MY LIFE.

This is the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter and is my favourite thing EVER. It is slightly pink toned, and can be used in any place that you want to accentuate, creating a lovely highlight and glow on your skin. It was £2 which is incredible and stays on all day. I seriously recommend you go and get this, out of any of the other products I have spoken about as I cannot sing it praises enough. If I could marry this, I would.

7 // Over 2014, no eyeshadows have really stood out. I know that the Naked Palettes are incredible, however I didn't feel as though I had used them enough to include them in this. Therefore the only thing that I feel worthy enough is this.

Maybelline Colour Tattoos have been a favourite of mine for so long, and I throught I would include these instead of your typical powder eyeshadow. This is the shade On And On Bronze, and is a lovely shimmery gold colour. They stay on all day, and have a very wide ramnge of colours now. The blend very nicely with powder eyeshadows also, which is an added bonus. 

8 // This is an extremely hyped about product, and well deserved, as it is amazing. 

This product is hugely talked about, and i completely understand why. It makes your eyelashes exactly how you want them, with volume, length, and just everything else. I love many different things from Benefit, and I definitely think that 2015 will be a major year for them. 

9 // I constantly am in a struggle for a perfect liquid eyeliner. There are many different things that you look for within in, pigmentation, staying power, consistency, and I finally feel as though I have found one that includes everything. 

This eyeliner came in a set that I got for Christmas and, to be honest, I didn't expect much from it. Usually with that sort of set, you get a range of mediocre products that had been advertised on a 3 for 2, however this is not what I got at all. In the set, everything was amazing including this eyeliner. It is incredibly pigmented, and so easy to apply. I am definitely going to be looking into more Ted Baker products in the future, as this, and everything else is amaaazing. 

10 // Finally, the biggest section of them all; LIPS. I don't even know where to start with this section, so I just thought i would show a selection of just a few things that I have loved this year. Lips for me are the thing I change the most in my make-up, as it literally depends on what mood I am in, however hopefully you will get an idea of the sort of things I love. 

Starting at the beginning, is the Sleek Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream in the shade "Birthday Suit 436". This is amazing, as is the only Lip Cream / Lip Gloss in my favourites. It is matte, which I think is perfect for everyday, and has amazing staying power, which is perfect for college. They also have loads of different colours also, and they are all amazing! 
Second, is the Benefit Benebalm. This is very sheer, and gives a slight red sheen to the lips. I love this when I am in a rush, and just want some slight colour to the lips, without having anything too high maintenence. It is also really hydrating, and feels super smooth on the lips. 
Next is my go too nude lipstick, and it is the Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in the shade 001 Nude. This is the perfect orange-toned nude that goes with any skin tone, and it is just perfect for everyday. This lipstick is also amazing over any other lipstick to make it matte, without changing the colour in anyway. 
Another of the Benefit hydrating lip balms is next, the Lollibalm. This is much more natural looking than the Benebalm, and can be worn without any other make-up, just to hydrate your lips and make them feel super soft. I love this so much and is my go-to lip balm when they start to feel dry. 
Next is my absolute favourite red lipstick, and it is the Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in the shade, "01 Queen of Hearts". This is amazingly pigmented, and stays on the lips literally all day, without making your lips feel dry. It applies very smoothly, and is very easy to apply straight from the bullet, which is something I look for when buying bright coloured lipstick. I would definitely recommend this red, as it's not too bright and not too dark, and i really need to check out their other colours!
Finally, last but not least, is the Mac Amplified Lipstick, in the colour "Impassioned". NOw, I do not wear pink lipstick very much, I usually just through on a nude, or if I'm making an effort I will usually wear red, so pink usually just gets left out. However throughout 2014, I have found myself continually reaching for this as it stands out, but not toot much. It is so creamy to apply, as are all Mac lipsticks, and doesnt make your lips look dry in any way. I'm not even going to bother recommending these lipsticks to you as they are super popular anyway but I love them and there is a colour for, seriously, everybody.
So there we are, we are FINALLY at the end of my favourites of 2014! Possibly the longest blog post I have ever written but I loved it all the same. Please make sure you let me know what you have bee loving this year, and I will be sure to try it out as i hope, just like last year, I can discover LOTS of new things :)
Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you all again very soon!

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